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Workers Comp
Adverse workers comp claims can be a burden for years down the road! Everyone that takes workers compensation will eventually be assigned an experience modifier. The experience modifier increases your worker's comp cost if you have worse than average claims or decreases your cost if you have better than average claims. 
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We Offer Workers Compensation in 47 States!

Minimize your worker's compensation cost each year with our specialized markets.  It doesn't matter if you are a start-up with no experience, a 20-year-old agency with adverse claims experience or a newer agency with a 0.89 modifier, we have a perfect program to fit your needs.

We will also map out a path for you that will always put you with the lowest-priced carrier that we have available and work to keep your claims and experience modifier low with loss control and advice.

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3) Fax your current declarations pages to our toll-free fax number, 888-870-6202, to the attention of David Ruiz. With it, we can do a quick comparison to see if there are any savings available.

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Different Workers' Comp Payment Plans

Choose between two different methods of payments. We refer to them as the Traditional method and the Pay as you Go method.

Traditional Method: At the beginning of a policy, an insured makes an estimate of payroll which generates an estimated annual premium. Monthly payments are made based on the estimate until the end of the policy year.  At that time, a premium audit is conducted. The premium audit simply compares the estimated payroll versus actual payroll for the policy year. If the payroll is less than estimated it generates a refund; if payroll is more than estimated it generates an invoice.

Pay-As-You-Go Method: An insured will, each month or quarter, complete a payroll reporting form with actual payroll by class code. On the form, an easy calculation is made which shows the total workers' comp. premium for the reporting period. With Pay-As-You-Go, an insured is never ahead or behind on their workers' compensation burden, an added plus if your payroll fluctuates seasonally or you are experiencing rapid growth!

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Workers Comp. in 47 States

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